Peerless Hard Surface Cleaning

In addition to our extensive knowledge of Carpet Cleaning and Repair, Peerless has developed a new hard surface cleaning division. Peerless continues to maintain the highest standards by using leading-edge cleaning techniques, equipment, and materials. Peerless staff is trained and certified to the highest standards of the hard surface cleaning industry. Count on us for exceptional cleaning services on any of the following flooring materials.


• Stone and Masonry cleaning

• Marble cleaning

• Tile and Grout cleaning

• Concrete cleaning

• Hardwood cleaning

• Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)



Residential Floor Cleaning

Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Garages can all look renewed with professional cleaning . Trying to rent or sell a home? Hardwood Rejuvenation can give your property an econ
omical alternative to a full refinish and help get it off the market.


The constant traffic of publics spaces can take a toll.  Having your floors professional cleaned regularly can make your office, lobby, or retail space shine.


Hardwood Floor cleaning rejuvenation

Refinishing a wood  floor is a time consuming and expensive process that requires sanding and staining . It can take weeks. However , some floors can be vastly improved by  a simple rejuvenation.  Peerless can strip, clean, and  reseal  your wood floor, bringing back  the shine and color your remember in one day. Call us today to see if your floor is a candidate  for  a REJUVENATION !


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