Professional Hard Surface Cleaning

Professional Hard Surface Cleaning

Over time wood, stone, concrete, even tile and grout can become stained and discolored.
Water, dust, soot, dirt, and spills that your home or business are exposed to, can dull and scratch protective coatings, as well as stain and discolor surfaces. Professional Surface Cleaning can rejuvenate your floors and surfaces, bringing back the color and shine.
Professional cleaning usually consists of stripping floors of wax or polyurethane top coats, cleaning the surface thoroughly, restoring the natural radiance, and resealing the surface with a new protective topcoat.
Even hardwood floors can be cleaned professionally. Before you refinish your wood, floors think about rejuvenating them. Refinishing a wood floor is a time consuming and expensive process that requires sanding and staining. It can take weeks. In addition, the average hardwood floor is typically ¾” thick, and therefore can only undergo about 10 standard refinishes before the floor is compromised. The may be another way. Many floors can be vastly improved by a simple rejuvenation. A hard service specialist can strip, clean, and reseal your wood floor, bringing back the shine and color you remember in one day without sanding. Not all floors are candidates for this process, so you will need to have your floor assessed.
In addition to our extensive knowledge of Carpet Cleaning and Repair, Peerless has developed a new hard surface cleaning division. Peerless continues to maintain the highest standards by using leading-edge cleaning techniques, equipment, and materials. Peerless staff is trained and certified to the highest standards of the hard surface cleaning industry. Count on us for exceptional Professional Hard Surface Cleaning on any of the following flooring materials.

Hard Surface Cleaning Technician
• Stone and Masonry
• Marble
• Tile and Grout
• Concrete
• Hardwood

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