Specialty Services: Biohazard, Odor Control, Content, Packingspecialty

Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup
Peerless is a trained and certified biohazard and trauma cleanup professional, we will handle all situations with the greatest respect and take the proper steps to remove, dispose of and cleanup biohazard. We will work with a 3rd party vendor to be sure all biohazard is disposed of according to all laws and guidelines.

Odor Control
Peerless professionals are certified in professional odor control and removal, we utilize the latest technology to include De-ionized Electronic Cleaning Systems, Ozone and Hydroxyl Generators to mitigate your odor problems.

Contents Management and Cleaning
Peerless offers the following services to manage your contents and personal property. Peerless Technicians are certified and highly trained and will take all of the necessary steps to restore your contents and reduce property loss by utilizing the latest technology to include De-ionized Electronic Clenaing Systems and Ultrasonic Cleaning, learn more at: www.omegasonics.com

Professional Packing, Moving and Services
Certified Technicians to process your contents Itemizing and Inventorying Storage in our onsite secure warehouse

Peerless professionals are educated and kept up to date on all of the latest industry standards. Therefore, we have been hired by Insurance Companies, Industrial Hygienists, Homeowners, Attorneys and many others to provide assessments, estimates, second opinions and testimonies. If you are in need of a consultant please call to set up an appointment.

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