Residential & CommercIal SERVICES

Whether your needs revolve around a high turnover schedule or simply a spring cleaning refresh, our professionals are sure to please. Feel confident knowing you can call Peerless throughout the year to take care of your cleaning needs.

We use the leading industry methods of cleaning. Our vans are equipped with truck-mounted steam units that produce high pressures, heat, and vacuum suction that create effectively, deep steam clean. Peerless will leave your carpets PH balanced and dry within 4-6 hours.

Whether a property is a sprawling luxury apartment community, a high-rise office tower, or a residential rental, Peerless is Hampton Roads’ first choice in commercial carpet cleaning services. Peerless is committed to quality, value, and service for its commercial customers.

We understand that replacing carpets is an expense that property managers try to avoid and we do everything we can to keep your current floor covering viable.