Whether you have furry friends, strong cooking tastes, or just encounter one of life’s surprises, the Original Peerless is sure to be able to help. Wherever the odor is emanating from we’re sure to be able to locate the original source to effectively treat and remove your problematic odor. Pet Urine can infiltrate the carpet, padding, and even the subfloor. Locating and eliminating the source of bad odors can be frustrating. Special enzymatic solutions are often required to neutralize the odors.

Our technicians will take all the steps necessary to eliminate pet odors from your home. For stubborn stains and odors, Peerless can perform complete pet decontamination. In these cases, Peerless removes the carpet, seals the subfloor, replaces your padding, and finally cleans and treats your carpet with a pet-friendly enzyme treatment. Your reinstalled carpet will be fresh and clean.